Best Quadcopter With Camera – Phantom 2 Vision+

Why Get a Quadcopter With Camera?

Flying drones is a fun experience however that experience is brought to the next level when you introduce a camera to the mix. Not just a camera that that requires you to fly, take shots, then wait until you upload them to your computer to view the results, but a camera that has a live feed.

That means you have a bird’s eye view and see things in live time just as the drone sees it. Having this ability is essential in my mind to getting the full enjoyment out of in person drone flying.

There are a wide mix of live feed drones as well as still shot drones. My first review will focus on a very popular live feed quadcopter with camera capabilities, the Phantom 2 Vision+.


Phantom 2 Vision+ Review

At the top of my best civilian drone list is the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Many who are looking for the best quadcopter with camera capabilities find themselves ending their search with the purchase of this drone and for good reason too; reliability, capability, and durability. [Read more…]

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